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EcoSpark 105 - 5 gallons

  • Good discharge properties
  • Non-irritating to the skin


5 gallons


Dielectric EcoSpark 105 is an odourless and colourless fluid that can be used in all EDM die sinking machines. It meets all the latest health and safety aspects and has been approved by an independent dermatological laboratory in Germany as harmless regarding skin irritation.


Dielectric EcoSpark 105 ensures you an efficient EDM process. This guarantees best performance on a wide operating range from finishing to heavy roughing regardless of the age and type of generator on your EDM machine. Dielectric EcoSpark 105 can be used in combination with both copper and graphite electrodes and combines high stock removal rates with low electrode wear. EcoSpark 105 gives you an excellent and even surface finish and can be used for the polishing process.


Dielectric EcoSpark 105 is made from high quality base oils and additives which ensure you best long life characteristics and best possible machine care and compatibility. It has been developed for applications where a minimum flashpoint of 100°C (212°F) is required in order to meet all safety aspects. The aromatic content is below 0.1% vol. and all components are carefully selected for purity, low toxicity, low odour and lack of irritation. The high evaporation temperature of 235°C (455°F) keeps the consumption of the dielectric EcoSpark 105 very low. The low viscosity of 3.3 mm2/s at 20°C (68°F) offers you excellent cooling and flushing properties. Dielectric EcoSpark 105 can be used on all type of filtration systems.


Technical Data:

 Density / Spec. Gravity at 59°F / 15°C  6.75 lb / Gal  0,81 g/cm³  DIN 51757
 Viscosity at 104°F / 40°C  2,3 cSt.  2,30 mm²/s  DIN 51562
 Flash point °F / °C  221°F   105°C  DIN ISO 3016
 Melting point °F / °C  <-4°F  <-20°C  DIN EN ISO 2719
 Aromatic content ( % vol.)  <0,1  <0,1  DIN 51378


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