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AquaTec 7539 - 5 gallons


5 gallons


AquaTec 7539-US

Semisynthetic cutting and grinding fluid concentrate

AquaTec 7539-US is a bioresistant, high performance semisynthetic cutting and grinding fluid concentrate for moderate to heavy-duty metalworking applications. Mixed with water, it provides excellent lubrication and corrosion inhibition in grinding and cutting of steels, cast iron, brass and most aluminium alloys. It is not recommended for magnesium alloys. AquaTec 7539-US has been formulated to significantly extend fluid life.

AquaTec 7539-US is recommended for a wide variety of moderate to heavy duty metalworking operations including CNC milling, turning, drilling, boring, tapping, threading and grinding. It is a true, multipurpose product that is ideally suited for customers that prefer to use one metalworking fluid throughout the shop. By its proven combination of lubricity additives it clearly improves tool life and surface finish. AquaTec 7539-US can be used in “stand-alone” machines and central systems.


•           Wide range of applications

•           Extended fluid life

•           Excellent lubrication and anticorrosion for ferrous- and non-ferrous metals

•           Excellent rinsing properties for open cutting

•           Extremely low foaming in high pressure and flood type applications

•           Low foam, odor and mist levels

AquaTec 7539-US does not contain nitrite, sulphur, dicyclohexylamine or phenolic biocides.


Recommended concentrations

Surface, ID, OD, centerless grinding                                 5 – 7 %
Milling, Drilling, Turning                                                    5 – 8 %
Heavy duty machining (Tapping, Reaming)                         8 – 12 %



Technical Data


 Form  Brown clear liquid  Typical operating pH range  8.8 – 9.0

 Specific gravity (Water = 1)

 1.02  Flash point  Not applicable


Mixing instructions

Always add AquaTec 7539-US to water. Mixed concentration can be determined using a refractometer. Refractometer factor = 1.5


 Concentration 4%
 Refractometer reading 2.7 3.3 4.0 4.7 5.3 6.7 8.0

Using premixed concentrate as makeup will improve performance and reduce usage. The specific makeup concentration selected for your situation should balance the water evaporation rate with the coolant carry-off-rate. Adding makeup concentrate at 30 – 50% of the desired working concentration will generally maintain the proper concentration in use. The use of deionized or mineral-free water for makeup will also improve performance, prolong sump life, and reduce concentrate usage.

A thorough cleaning of the machine sump or central system with system cleaner is recommended to remove oily residues, dirt deposits and biofilms of bacteria and mold before refilling the system.


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